Empowering Tomorrow’s Workforce: Jackson Rowe Holds Mock Interviews at Felpham Community College

15 January 2024

This week, Felpham Community College welcomed Jackson Rowe’s Head of Employment & Skills, Harry Rippon, for a transformative session of mock interviews aimed at preparing Year 11 students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the professional world.


Mock interviews serve as a crucial bridge between the academic environment and the workplace, offering students a simulated experience which mimics the real-life job application process. These sessions not only help students hone their interview skills, but also instil confidence and provide valuable insights into the expectations of potential employers.


Harry’s wealth of experience in Employment & Skills and Social Value projects brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the students at Felpham Community College. As Head of Employment & Skills, Harry understands the evolving landscape of the job market and the essential skills needed for success.


Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such a practical and beneficial exercise. Harry’s guidance contributes to the development of a confident, skilled and adaptable workforce ready to make a positive impact on the world.


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