Adoptions & Section Agreements

Our adoptions and section agreements delivery service has been designed to work with our clients, their consultants, legal teams and local authorities to ensure both current and legacy sites are progressed onto maintenance which will allow for bond reductions and reduce the time between completion of works and full adoption.

Section agreements we cover:

  • Drainage – S102, S104, S106 & S185, S98
  • Highways – S38, S184 & S278

Our service includes:

  • Working with the client to collate information produced by the project design team.
  • Approaching the Local Authority to check the status of the adoption from their records.
  • Reviewing all technical and legal requirements.
  • Procuring road safety audits and subsequently closing out the report actions with the contractor, client, consultants and local authorities as required.
  • Working with consultants to make required design changes.
  • Site meetings with contractors to progress remedial works.
  • Procurement of all necessary consultants and contractors on behalf of the client to complete the work.
  • Appointing and managing a Principal Contractor and any necessary subcontractors to undertake remedial works.
  • Working with the Local Authority to promote a proactive response in undertaking a final inspection before completion certificate can be issued and the respective adoption can be transferred onto maintenance.


“Countryside Homes have relied on Jackson Rowe to manage out to completion, legacy bonds associated with S278 and S38 agreements on projects acquired during our Group restructure. Within twelve months of appointment, Jackson Rowe have reduced our bond exposure by £6m with only minimal input from Countryside staff, freeing our resources to focus on live developments.”

Barry Groves

Head of Technical

Countryside Homes