Risk Management

Our knowledge and experience of the construction process enables us to carry out detailed and proportionate risk analysis. Establishing a risk strategy is imperative to mitigate every potential risk on an project.

We analyse the contract documents and project documentation, to identify and put strategies in place to deal with risk issues.

Our assessments and strategies can identify and help our clients to manage risk in the following:

  • Site constraints (putting in place strategies to deal with access restricted sites)
  • The contract provisions (such as putting strategies in place to ensure contract compliant administration processes)
  • The project documents (such as revised drawings and specifications)
  • The programme (such as errors in the programme of works)
  • The cost (by reviewing and identifying potential disputes in relation to claims made by other party‚Äôs to the contract)
  • Buildability and construction technology advancements

Our risk management processes, with early involvement, allows us to identify and mitigate risks to help ensure our clients complete their projects on time and on budget.