Dispute Resolution

Whether you are a building client faced with a major claim on your project, or a main contractor or sub-contractor needing to make a case for the payment of loss and expense it is important that you receive honest, robust and effective advice as early as possible.

Unless dealt with early such matters can easily develop into a dispute where parties become polarised and their views entrenched.

Clarity of argument is a trademark of ours. This leads to an easier and more successful resolution of the problem.

Our experience of claims and disputes includes working for companies from most sectors of the construction and engineering industries.

We have been engaged to prepare the following:

  • Prolongation claims
  • Loss and expense claims
  • Defective workmanship / rectification claims
  • Claims defence
  • Pleadings for arbitration

In addition to the above, we are able to advise you on alternative methods of dispute resolution including:

  • Mediation
  • Adjudication
  • Conciliation

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Our adjudicators have day-to-day experience and bring their skills to bear, when acting for parties during proceedings. In 95% of cases where we have conducted proceedings on behalf of our clients, a successful decision has been obtained. In other cases an acceptable settlement has been reached prior to the issue of an adjudicator’s decision. Since…

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Jackson Rowe prepare detailed documents including statement of claims, executive summaries, pleadings, Scott schedules, factual reports, expert and joint expert reports. We give advice and assist clients through the interlocutory process of preliminary meetings and hearings. Jackson Rowe are experienced in all aspects of arbitration proceedings for construction and property related disputes whether acting for…

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Whether a client is faced with a claim on a project, or a main contractor or sub-contractor requires to submit a case for the payment of loss and expense, it is important that honest, robust and effective advice is given as early as possible. Clarity of argument is a Jackson Rowe trademark. Our experience shows…

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Jackson Rowe have experienced professionals who are able to offer expert advice to clients for construction disputes and can be appointed direct by a client or their legal advisers. As well as being highly qualified, professionally, senior staff in the company have extensive experience based upon a foundation of knowledge gained through holding high level…

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This service compliments both our project delivery and dispute services. Jackson Rowe can provide forensic data collation and analysis across all construction sectors. We provide support to our clients and their project teams, their legal representatives (where the extent of the project records and data is excessive) and often in relation to mega projects. We…

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We give advice and assist clients on matters of quantum, through the mediation process working alongside other appointed advisors. Mediation works because it helps the parties to resolve even the most difficult disputes in a practical way. It deals with their real interests and needs without the risks and costs of further court (or other…

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Adducing expert evidence is often the key to a quick solution to disputes. Expert reports and giving evidence under cross-examination on quantum, contractual and commercial issues, workmanship, and professional indemnity matters is familiar territory for our dispute and claims solutions team at Jackson Rowe. Initially we will provide our client and/or their legal advisors with…

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