Adducing expert evidence is often the key to a quick solution to disputes. Expert reports and giving evidence under cross-examination on quantum, contractual and commercial issues, workmanship, and professional indemnity matters is familiar territory for our dispute and claims solutions team at Jackson Rowe.

Initially we will provide our client and/or their legal advisors with objective advice and an unbiased viewpoint, upon the matters in dispute.

Thereafter we are able to set out a strategy to help ensure the most successful resolution of the matters in dispute.

The route for the resolution of a dispute will depend upon a number of factors including the complexity of the dispute, the form of contract, the substantive elements of the matters in dispute and the attitude of the parties to a dispute.

The pursuance/defence of a dispute can tie down client’s staff for long periods of time, often to the detriment of ongoing and future work and particularly where the dispute becomes the subject of legal proceedings.

We have the experience and the resources to provide support services for any legal dispute. Our client’s own resources will therefore be free to concentrate on their current ongoing work and future projects.

We are extremely flexible in our approach and will work closely with a client including with either an in-house legal department or an outside legal consultancy. We can be absorbed into the dispute management team; effectively becoming part of the legal process, and are able to offer sound, clear and decisive advice to clients, utilising our extensive experience with the construction and property legal profession.

The use of our resources and expertise will undoubtedly lead to a more successful and economic outcome of the dispute.