Delay Analysis / Assessment

A further complimentary service to our project delivery and dispute services is the assessment of delays, both prospective and retrospective.

We are able to provide clients with an assessment of their entitlement to an extension of time / award of time either:

  • During the construction period to forecast completion, or
  • In a post completion period where a forensic investigation is required using all project records

Our strategy for a delay analysis is to sit down with our client, fully understand their project and the associated delay using our civil engineering and building knowledge, and recommend an appropriate Society of Construction Law Protocol (SCL) critical path analysis methodology. Our objective is to maximise the time entitlement due, and minimise the exposure to damages which is often overlooked.

A key part of any delay analysis is comparing original or impacted project programmes with what actually happened on site i.e. the as-built situation. To compliment any delay analysis we are also able to compile as-built programmes from the construction period records as an additional service to our clients.

We utilise Microsoft Project, Asta PowerProject, and Primavera P6 programming software to accord with the software used on the project in hand.