Employment & Skills Plans

Our Employment & Skills Plan drafting and delivery service ensures that our client’s obligations within a S106 Agreement are achieved on time and to the satisfaction of the Local Authority. Jackson Rowe engages with the entire project team including the client’s project staff, their sub-contractors and consultants to ensure maximum delivery against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our drafting service utilises our experience of working with multiple Local Authorities and over 30 years of working with leading housing developers, to prepare a detailed yet achievable Plan to suit the development programme. Jackson Rowe is committed to working with The National Skills Academy & Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) ‘Client Based Approach’ and where requested we can implement bespoke agreements and strategies to align with local objectives and developer obligations.

When project targets aren’t on track to be achieved organically, Jackson Rowe arrange support for our clients by utilising our professional network and existing relationships with Local Authority departments, schools, colleges and higher education institutions. Support to achieve the agreed Employment and Skills Plan can include;

• Arranging work experience opportunities on site
• Coordinating office based work experience opportunities
• Delivering career or construction based workshops (in person or virtually)
• Working with external agencies to find new staff members
• Sourcing local applicants for new jobs on specific developments
• Delivering and recording training
• Advising on apprenticeships
• Preparing Case Studies on a site specific basis

We work with Developer’s Planning and Land teams to offer draft wording and advice before they commit to a S106 Agreement. By understanding the project delivery approach, procurement routes and local area demographics, we can recommend strategies that maximise opportunities to meet and exceed agreed targets.

Our most popular service offering includes;

• Hosting the initial meeting with the Local Authority to discuss the Employment & Skills obligations
• Preparing an Employment & Skills Plan to be reviewed by the client and Local Authority
• Regular site visits to keep informed and up to date e.g. new employees, new supply chain members, operative training completed, etc.
• Recording and presenting all relevant data and documents provided by the staff and operatives on site in respect of training, qualifications and new hires
• Coordinating work experience opportunities and liaising with both the employer and education establishment to conduct H&S checks, facilitate risk assessments (by Others) and resolving any other barriers to place a young person on site
• Regularly meeting with Local Authority representatives to sign off progress against agreed Key Performance Indicators
• Production of a quarterly and annual monitoring report where applicable
• Identifying and properly documenting case studies to be shared with the community
• Reporting progress back to the client on a monthly or quarterly basis to fit their internal reporting timetable

We employ a dedicated Employment & Skills Co-ordinator to oversee these projects and work directly with our clients to create a positive experience whilst achieving the targets outlined in the Plan. Our staff have excellent inter-personal and communication skills and will seamlessly adapt to your businesses systems and processes to ensure a high quality delivery with minimal input from your senior staff. Please call today to speak to Harry Rippon or email harry.rippon@jackson-rowe.com

"...I wanted to touch base and let you know how invaluable Harry has been to our Careers offer recently."

"...I hope this goes some way to recognise how strategically important these interventions are to us as a service."

James Maw, Development Coordinator (Employment & Skills) Hampshire Futures

"The school and careers adviser have fed back and said how engaging the sessions were and how much knowledge was exchanged."

James Maw, Development Coordinator (Employment & Skills) Hampshire Futures

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