Claim Preparation and Defence

Whether a client is faced with a claim on a project, or a main contractor or sub-contractor requires to submit a case for the payment of loss and expense, it is important that honest, robust and effective advice is given as early as possible. Clarity of argument is a Jackson Rowe trademark. Our experience shows that this leads to a smoother and more successful solution to the problem that may exist between the parties.

Unless dealt with early, disputes can quickly and easily develop to a point where parties become polarised and their views entrenched. In many instances the early implementation of a strategy to manage a potential dispute is the most effective approach.

With an early appointment we can advise on how you can manage the matters that cause the dispute rather than having them manage you. Jackson Rowe have worked with clients where we have ensured that the correct contractual machinery is put in place to help bring about a successful outcome.

We have extensive dealings with the construction legal profession and are well respected accordingly. Jackson Rowe are well versed in briefing solicitors and counsel, as well as acting/appearing as Expert Witness or Joint Expert Witness.

We have been engaged to prepare claims or claims defence for the following:

Prolongation claims Loss and expense claims
Claims defence Pleadings for arbitration

In addition to the above, we are able to advise on alternative methods of dispute resolution including:

Arbitration Mediation
Litigation Adjudication