Forensic Data Collation and Analysis

This service compliments both our project delivery and dispute services. Jackson Rowe can provide forensic data collation and analysis across all construction sectors. We provide support to our clients and their project teams, their legal representatives (where the extent of the project records and data is excessive) and often in relation to mega projects. We have sought to expand our capability in this area due to the increasing importance and regulation of data in the construction industry.

Using our experience in high value, complex projects and disputes, we are able to identify key project documents that are needed to underpin any potential dispute. We use software and technology solutions to extract the relevant documents from our client’s archives (or data room), extract relevant information from documents and prepare a suitable database (or similar) of the records required to evidence cost and / or time, ready for analysis.

The output and evidence (such as supporting documents) can be analysed and used in an expert capacity underpinning the opinion therein or stand alone in a claim brought by a party to a contract when pursuing additional cost and time. Our experts often use the output from our forensic data collation and analysis service to provide fully evidenced opinion in relation to the following issues:

  • Delay and disruption and extensions of time
  • Valuation of general damages claims
  • Auditing and valuation of project records
  • Valuation of variations
  • Valuation of loss and expense
  • Valuation of defective work
  • Valuation of termination, interim and final accounts

We ensure that there is as little compromise on sampling as possible, whilst seeking to analyse all the project records. Our service provides a more cost effective solution by reducing manual data input and analysis (where the quality of the records allows) and which provides our clients with a faster solution.

With early involvement we can assist our client’s prepare an evidenced claim or defence, providing our clients with the best opportunity to succeed in claiming or defending in dispute proceedings.