Employment & Skills: Jackson Rowe and Bloor Homes’ Commitment to Youth Development

23 January 2024

The Bloor Homes on the Green development in Basingstoke is a beacon of opportunity for local youth. In collaboration with Jackson Rowe, Bloor Homes is making a positive impact on the community through the delivery of their Employment & Skills Plan (ESP).


A pivotal aspect of this plan is the commitment to provide work experience placements for young people from the local area, offering valuable insights into the construction industry and bridging the gap between theory and practical application. Whether it’s donning a hard hat on site or immersing in the dynamics of office operations, these opportunities are designed to kindle a passion for the industry.


At last year’s Get Inspired Basingstoke Exhibition 2023, delivered by EPB South, 16-year-old Daisy met Jackson Rowe’s Head of Employment & Skills, Harry Rippon. Recognising her passion for the industry Harry arranged for Daisy to spend several days on placement at Bloor Homes’ Newbury office.


During her time with Bloor Homes, Daisy was welcomed into the technical team which gave her invaluable hands-on exposure to the planning and design processes behind new homes. Reflecting on her experience, Daisy expressed her gratitude saying she enjoyed her placement and is now looking for the right courses to take in college to facilitate her next step into university. “I am beyond grateful for this experience and cannot thank Harry and Gemma enough”.


This collaborative effort between Jackson Rowe and Bloor Homes not only opens doors for aspiring individuals like Daisy but also exemplifies the impact that industry leaders can have in nurturing and inspiring the next generation. As Daisy continues her journey, researching a career in the construction industry, this experience serves as a testament to Jackson Rowe’s commitment to fostering talent and creating opportunities.


We thank Bloor Homes for their support with this placement and look forward to attending the Get Inspired Basingstoke Exhibition 2024.