The Jackson Rowe beehive is officially sponsored!

17 March 2023

Jackson Rowe recently joined the “Adopt a Beehive Scheme” and our very own hive now has a plaque.

The ever knowledgeable Stuart from SW Honey Farms tells us….

As the weather starts to warm up, the bees are busy preparing for the arrival of spring. Here’s a glimpse of what they do to ensure their survival and productivity.

    1.     Clean the hive, removing any dead bees, debris and waste and repairing and rebuilding any damaged parts of the hive.
    2.     Increase the brood. This is crucial as the new generation will be responsible for pollination and producing honey in the coming season.
    3.     Venturing out to gather food, flying up to 3 miles to collect nectar and pollen which they store for use during times when food is scarce.  This normally happens in June and is known as “The June Gap”.
    4.     Swarm. This is when the new Queen Bee is born and the old Queen and a portion of the Workers leave to establish a new colony.

They really are busy bees!



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