Programme Management

Jackson Rowe has an established team of professionals with the experience and technical skills required to contribute positively to programme management.

Programme Management is ‘whole process’ management of major and often complex interdependent projects. Projects are completed alongside the client’s existing operation, which might be housing, retail, manufacturing, process or railway. Delivery of these projects is often on a rolling programme designed to meet the client’s goals and objectives and ensuring they remain on programme and within budget, and without detriment to the revenue earning capacity of the business.

Efficient management of the process is the key to the success of programme management; particularly when each of the interdependent projects involve the same stages, these include:

  • Project brief / definition
  • Outline design
  • Budget estimate
  • Risk / opportunity analysis
  • Identify project’s constraints
  • Design development
  • Final estimate
  • Build technologies
  • Procurement strategy
  • Expenditure / investment authority
  • Tender / procurement and appointment
  • Implementation
  • Handover and acceptance
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Close out